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What’s a magnetic stirrer and what can it be used for?


Lab equipment can be fascinating in its way. Different terms used may sound like sci-fi lingo for people who don’t work in a scientific field, but the truth is the hardware used in labs is not that complicated, and I think that everyone could get a clearer idea of what it does, with great ease. In this post, I want to tell you all about a magnetic stirrer and how can be used.


First thing first, what is a magnetic stirrer?

This piece of equipment is used for creating a rotating magnetic field. Its design is not very complicated, and it consists of a small magnet and a stand on which the magnet is mounted. The magnet rotates, thus creating the field mentioned earlier.

A typical design involves the magnet being coated with plastic. It may make the magnetic stirrer look like something different than it is, but I can tell you that it is nothing more complicated than a rotating magnet and nothing more.



How can it be used?

First of all, I can tell you that a magnetic stirrer is quite a small piece of equipment, which is why it can be used with so much ease by anyone working in a lab. There are certain things you should keep in mind when using such a device.

By creating a rotating magnetic field, it can be utilized for establishing properties of a fluid sample. Because the magnet is inert, it does not let contamination to happen, so you will be able to keep everything clean when working on your experiments.

There is another significant benefit to bear in mind. You can use a magnetic stirrer for prolonged periods of time, without fail, and that can be very handy when you require more hours for results to appear. A lot of labs use overnight mixing, to provide results that are accurate and timely.


A few other things you may like to know about magnetic stirrers

They are mainly used in chemistry labs and biology related experiments. When you need to mix various components, whether they are liquid or solid, and obtain what lab employees call a homogeneous mixture, you will find a magnetic stirrer an indispensable tool.

The liquid will be agitated with the help of the stirrer, and this will improve the quality of the mixture, without the risk of contamination. Here you can read more about this.



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